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Drive Through Safari Park near Atlanta, GA

Safari Rules

For the safety of both our patrons and our animals, please abide by the following rules:
- Stay on the safari road.
- You are entering at your own risk with your vehicle.
- Lake Hartwell Wildlife Safari will not be responsible for injuries to visitors or damage to their vehicle.
- Speed limit is 5 MPH. Never exceed this speed limit.
- No outside animal food allowed, use Safari feed only.
- If you stop to feed, watch for animals in front & on side of vehicle when you start to go.
- Keep windows down all the way when feeding animals.
- Never roll window up when an animal is attempting to feed.

​- Do not feed Zebras.
- No honking at animals.

- No sitting on window of vehicle door.
- Animals may bite, spit or kick.
- No pets/animals allowed.
- No Smoking allowed on property.
- Do not throw litter from you car.
- Keep vehicle doors closed, including mini van side doors.
- Convertible tops must be up. Jeeps must have doors on.
- No buses, RV’s, large box trucks, trailers, motorcycles, or ATV’s.
- Truck beds must be empty: (No hay, trash, loose tools, etc.)

- If your vehicle experiences a mechanical failure, please call us at 706-961-1364. We will come help.

We take Safety Serious!  By entering the gate you agree to comply with these rules.
Anyone that does not follow these rules will be asked to leave.


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Deer in the family friendly drive through safari park in Hartwell, GA

We look forward to speaking with you.

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